Far Forward

Publish Date: 10-16-2013 

Only available in Paperback (Limited Edition Collector copies only)

Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning, Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making a pot of coffee. During the ensuing conversation her doppelganger explains . . . “The first rule of time travel is that you can never go backwards.” While a person is never really ready to have a conversation with their future self, and I can assure you Anna is not, this leads to the obvious question . . . “If you can’t go back, how does that explain you standing in my kitchen?”

The answer to that, and to her many other questions, will have to wait. Anna, unknowingly, is about to embark on a journey that will shine a light on many of the key turning points in not only her past, but possibly all things past. She will not be making this journey alone. Assistance will come in the form of her very own daughter, Etta, who turns up soon after her future self makes her first appearance. Unfortunately, Etta only manages to add to the confusion. Anna Katz has never had a child.

While standing face to face with herself appears at first to be akin to standing in front of a long mirror; she’s about to learn more about herself than she bargained for. Is it possible that inside her own psyche are hidden many different people just waiting to get out? In the end, when she gazes into the looking glass, will it be her own reflection staring back; or something less recognizable? Possibly even terrifying


“In this novel are offered alternative theories of time travel, causality, random facts about the global positioning system, postulations of a repeating universal timeline, inferences that bathroom habits may have an adverse effect on the attainable speed of light, and the possibility that the demise of the Theropods might not have been without blame. Although, to find the last one you will have to read between the lines with a microscope.

Also included, but much more subjectively, are judgmental opinions on infidelity, workplace etiquette, smoking, taking things that don’t belong to you, parenting do’s and don’ts , and last but not remotely least, the possibility of true love. Any similarities to real persons or events is unintentional, however given this novels propensity for timeline revision, it’s not completely out of the question. Enjoy!”

Palindrome 656

Second Edition now available on Kindle Unlimited

When a ghost ship turns up in orbit after a half decade of silence, the powers that be are going to want answers. When you are the only person still breathing, you can expect an interrogation. Thus begins a sordid tale, told entirety by the last person alive to tell it. Hannah, the Empires leading lady of counter-intelligence, is about to go head to head with the Union's best interrogators in a life or death battle to find the answers to some seemingly simple questions.

Whose fault is it?

What happened to the rest of the crew?

Where is the cargo you were bringing back?

The inner dialogue inside Hannah’s mind is sometimes amusing, always dark, but never dull. None of the stories she is about to share will paint her in a positive light, but in her case they rarely do. Climb inside the cluttered mind of Hannah Reinier as she spins a web of near misses, last minute escapes and unconventional solutions to bad situations.

It’s often said that the “Winners” write the history books. In this case, it seems Hannah is the only one holding a pen.