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(The Calling Tree, The Conduit, The Agreement)

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Disclaimer:  This novel contains authentic nautical history, drunkenness, gambling, scantily clad waitresses, bows and arrows, condemnation of the American educational system, lack of respect for rental cars, ninja swords, over tipping and detailed descriptions of DNA replication as they effect the aging process.

Also, but not specifically, interesting details referring to the Knights Templar, French aversions to burning women at the stake, and surprise that more people don't want to eat dinner with Da Vinci.

The Calling Tree

A tale of Immortality

Immortality comes in several packages. 

Biological Immortality is defined as the absence of aging.  This sounds nice doesn't it?  Living forever without getting sick or acquiring a wrinkle.  On the surface maybe, but it makes no guarantees on the subject of getting hit by a bus. 

Another popular option is the Greek philosophical view of the immortal soul.  This option compensates for the bus with regenerative powers often associated with the Gods.

The Calling Tree follows both types as they cross paths with each other and a third creature, the Short-Timers.   This final group being made up of you and me, simple mortals.  It wouldn't be much of a story without us would it?